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Chula Parranda - NOM 1466

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Chula Parranda - NOM 1466

Bradley Woolf


Chula Parranda was founded 8 years ago, by Maestro Distiller Sergio Partida. The Partida family follow a long lineage of tequila makers and experts. Sergio is the son of Jesus Partida.

In the 90’s the pair founded distillery Tres Mujeres (nom 1466), where Chula Parranda is made today. Tres Mujeres (distillery and tequila) was founded on family, the name stemming from Jesus’ 3 daughters, and translating to “three women”. It is one of the most visited distilleries in Mexico.

In 2010 Sergio wanted to make a product of his own, something that everyone can simply enjoy more than anything else. His skill, passion and love for sipping tequila is reflected in the refined manufacturing process and certainly in the bottle.

“Enjoy with friends and family and share amazing moments and memories together, celebrating life!”

As with many tequila distilleries, there are a multitude of brands that are produced under the one roof. Nom 1466 also produces Tres Mujeres, Casino Azul, Tequila Sin Rival and 3R Tequila. You can find an up-to-date list here

Tequila Tech Specs


Watch How Chula Parranda Is Made. Unmute for sound.

  • NOM: 1466

  • Agave Source: Tequila Valley

  • Cooking Method: Stone/brick oven

  • Crushing Method: Roller Mill

  • Distillation: Double Distilled

  • Pot Style: Stainless Steel

  • Proof: 80 (40% abv)

  • Fermentation: Stainless steel tanks

  • Sugars: 100% agave

  • Water Source: Natural Spring (Tequila Valley)

  • Bottles: Hand-blown in Mexico

  • Aging:

    • Reposado - 10 months American oak ex bourbon barrels

    • Anejo - 2 years American oak ex bourbon barrels

    • Extra Anejo - 6 years French oak ex cognac barrels

 Chula Parrands Premium Sipping Tequila. An array of bottles available including special limited edition master pieces.

Chula Parrands Premium Sipping Tequila. An array of bottles available including special limited edition master pieces.